Dialogue of Employers and Workers to Strengthen the Palm Oil Industry


Progresnews.Info – To reduce the problem of industrial relations between workers and employers, one way that can be done is to have an intense dialogue between workers and company management.

“It should be a concern to establish an intense dialogue to find the best solution so that industrial relations issues exist only within the scope of the company with existing workers. So it does not come out that is not directly related to the business sector, “said Director General of Industrial Relations Relations and Social Security Employment (PHI-JSK) Haiyani Rumondang Batubara while providing a briefing at the National Congress of the Indonesian Palm Oil Entrepreneurs Association in Jakarta on Wednesday 14/3).

It said Haiyani, it will continue to encourage dialogue between the business world with the trade unions engaged in the oil palm sector. “You must understand that Indonesia has a special law on unions. Unions not only exist within the company but can also involve workers outside the company including those who are engaged in transporting and harvesting of oil palm plantations, “said Haiyani.

In addition, continued Haiyani, needed synergy between employers and workers to realize the optimal protection and welfare improvement for the better workers.

“I remind you that workers are also included social security membership and properly considered related to health and safety work. Before I came here, I coordinated with BPJS Employment so that the National Conference today can discuss issues related to social security of workers and find solutions, “said Haiyani.

Related to the many negative issues of oil palm plantations, Haiyani requested that the perpetrators of the palm oil industry not only reveal facts, but also achievements. “Explaining the success of the palm oil sector in the field of employment is very important to reduce negative issues in circulation,” said Haiyani.

“You can provide positive opinions that can support the palm oil industry so that existing opinion can move from negative to positive,” he continued.

On the occasion, the Director General of PHI-JSK also appreciated the success of the palm oil sector, particularly in relation to the absorption of the workforce. “The growing palm oil sector will open up extensive jobs and reduce unemployment,” said Haiyani.

Haiyani also requested that the oil palm sector assist the government in providing training to the workforce to improve their competence.

“The government is currently promoting concerted improvement by improving access and quality of vocational training. I hope the palm oil sector can play a positive role in this, “he concluded. (Tu)

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